Funny Parenting Advice: 7 Tips You HAVE To Try!

by | Nov 18, 2020

Hilarious Advice To Ease The Tension And Create More Laughter In Your Home

If you’re in need of some funny parenting advice to ease the daily tension and create more laughter in your home, then you’ve come to the right place!

I think that 2020 has sucked a lot of joy and peace out of many people’s homes. 2021 hasn’t been much better.

It’s been stressful and unpleasant many times over.

We need some laughter people!

I’m talking about laughing out loud, almost peeing in your pants, belly-laughing til you cry kind of laughter.

If laughter is the best medicine, then we would do well to be doing more of it, right?

Parenting definitely has its stressful moments, days, and years. I get that.

But it doesn’t ALWAYS have to be stressful. There is room for much joy and laughter in the midst of the chaos.

Sometimes I think it would go better for everyone if we, as parents, didn’t take ourselves so seriously all the time.

We need to insert some humor into these stressful moments and break up the tension.

Question: Have you ever been in a super tense moment with one of your kids, maybe even a discipline conversation, and you’re getting nowhere?

Then, your kid randomly farts or you decide to do a tickle attack, something completely random, and it’s like both of you forgot what the problem was to begin with because you’re laughing so hard.

This is what I’m talking about.

Laughter, joy, and silliness. These are things that can be life-giving in our homes, and with our children.

I have some great ideas for how to incorporate more of these moments in your home, without losing your authority as a parent.

These are things I’ve used in my kindergarten classroom and with my daughter, Addie.

Here’s my list!

Funny Parenting Advice: 7 Tips You Must Use!

  1. Bad Singing
  2. Bathroom Emergency
  3. Whisper Parenting
  4. The Tattle Jar
  5. The Magic Eraser
  6. Speak With An Accent
  7. Act Like Your Kids

Now that you’ve seen the list, let’s spend some time looking a little closer at each one of them. Get ready to laugh!

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1. Bad Singing

Bad singing in front of your children should always be included in a list of funny parenting advice. Trust me!

You don’t need to be a good singer to utilize this amazing tool. Bad singing is BETTER!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes when I’m having a moment with Addie that’s escalating, I completely trip up over my words.

It’s like I have serious problems getting the words out correctly and my words become one big pile of mush.

And then I get more frustrated.

So the simple answer?

Do some great bad singing of whatever message I’m trying to convey.

It makes me laugh just doing it, and prevents more frustration and irritation. Addie thinks it’s funny too!

Bad Singing Example:

Me: “Addie, please come upstairs and put your jammies on and brush your teeth.”

Addie: (no response)

Me: “Addie, for the second time, please come upstairs and put your jammies on and brush your teeth.”

Addie: “Coming.”

(3 minutes later and no Addie)

Me: (deep breath, a bit louder) “ADDIE! This is the third time I’ve asked you. Get upstairs and put your jammies on and brush your teeth. It’s bedtime!”

Addie: “Mommy! Stop yelling at me. I forgot to grab my water and I wanted to do some ninja moves real quick before I came upstairs. You’re talking tough to me.”

Commence tears, deep breaths from me, and frustration.

Me: “Addie, I’m sorry I raised my voice and talked tough to you. That was wrong. It’s late, and I’ve had a long day, and I’d really like for you to get this stuff done so you can go to bed.”

Addie: “Maybe you should’ve taken a nap today.”

Me: ????!!!???? (Abort original plan…commence bad singing!)

Me: (In my best bad singing voice) “Ad-die…you are sooooooooo right! I should have taken a nap today. Sil-ly me. Sil-ly me. (Hand motions at this point to indicate pitch changes) Let’s hurry up and fin-ish so we can get you to beddddddddddddddddd.”

At this point Addie’s face is most likely pasted with a huge grin, I’m smiling too, and we both end up laughing.

This is a much better outcome than continuing to argue with her in the bathroom about her lack of listening skills or my lack of patience.

Now I’m not condoning disobedience by any means. It needs to be addressed.

But the 3 minutes that I had to inconveniently wait for Addie to come upstairs was not worth hurting her spirit over.

I could have easily come downstairs and spoken to her with kindness and respect rather than yelling from upstairs and being frustrated.

I’m 38, and she’s 6. I should be able to set the example for her.

Clearly I have things to work on as well.

Bottom line: In a tense parenting moment, busting out with some serious bad singing is a sure way to bring about lots of laughter and move past what just happened.

It also may save you from making a fool of yourself by losing your temper just because you’ve had a long day.

Do yourself a favor and add bad singing to your list of funny parenting advice. You’ll be so glad you did!

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2. Bathroom Emergency

Funny parenting advice must also include escaping from your children in crazy moments and having a bathroom emergency.

Sometimes we need timeouts too.

If the kids are out of control with the whining, let them hash out whatever is happening so you can have some alone time.

I’m not kidding. This is a tactic I have used on many occasions.

No judgment. I know I’m not the only one.

Sometimes I just need a few minutes to myself.

On a typical day, I spend most of my time with Addie.

I’m a stay at home mom, and I homeschool her, so we are together a lot!

Many times she even wants to follow me into the bathroom.

Can a girl please just have some basic privacy? I would like to do my business alone, lol!

Are you saying there’s times where you say you have to go to the bathroom but you really don’t?

Hmmm….good question!

Ever since going through pregnancy and childbirth, my bladder has conveniently shrunk to an incredibly small size.

Small enough to where I feel like right after I’ve gone to the bathroom, I could go again. And maybe even one more time.

All that to say, at any given moment if I’m in the bathroom, I can most likely go.

This is a very convenient problem to have when you’re using the tactic of a bathroom emergency.

Here’s A Great Example…

Addie and I might be having a moment of frustration, or maybe she’s quietly working on some math problems.

Either of those seem like a great time to escape to the bathroom.

I can take care of some me time, which might include bathroom business along with responding to some texts.

If I hear things like, “Mommy! What’s 10+5?” I can say, “Just a second sweetie! I’m almost done.”

Even if I’m done in the bathroom department, sometimes I stay for a few more minutes just to finish up my me time.

I think it’s a perfectly permissible practice for moms!

This also works really well when there’s holiday gatherings. I’m 100% serious.

When there’s a house full of people, food, stuff, and noise all over the place, one of the quietest places in existence can be the bathroom.

It’s a great place to escape for some much needed peace and quiet.

And if you have one of those crazy relatives who follows you around like an inconvenient shadow, the bathroom is a wonderful escape.

You can be like, “Sorry Aunt Lulu, that turkey and dressing did a number on my stomach and I’ll have to hear that story later! Why don’t you go find Johnny? He’d love to hear it!” (Escape to the bathroom and begin 5 minutes of peace away from Aunt Lulu).

LOL! Just sayin! Bathroom escape for the win!

So yes, I bring my phone in the bathroom, and I use it sometimes.

I have zero shame in confessing this as funny parenting advice because it’s come in handy many times over.

It makes me laugh just thinking about it!

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3. Whisper Parenting: Funny Parenting Advice At Its Finest!

Whisper parenting also makes the list of funny parenting advice, and for good reason.

This one is so great!

When I taught kindergarten, there were many crazy moments in my classroom.

In the mornings, we would have a morning circle time, and there was lots of sharing, laughing, and reading books.

Why Whisper Parenting Works

My students learned very quickly that if they didn’t stop talking and continued to interrupt the story, I would start whisper reading the book to myself, not showing them any pages.

Basically I was just reading it to myself.

They HATED this!

And I laughed so hard while I did it.

But you know what? It worked! They wanted so badly to hear the rest of the story.

If there was one particular student who kept interrupting, it didn’t take long for another kid to call them out or give them a look, and usually the talking would stop.

So helpful!

Think about a time in parenting when you’ve been super frustrated. Maybe it happened earlier today.

That’s parenting for you.

It’s stressful, messy, exciting, and joyful all at the same time. We experience tons of emotions just in one single day!

Try to go back to that moment and picture how it could have gone if you would have started whispering your instructions, or whispering what the next activity or outing was going to be.

Funny, right? How do you think your kids would respond?

You might get some funny looks, angry eyes, or looks of confusion. That’s ok!

If you do it enough, your kids will start to key-in on the fact that if Mommy starts whispering, they better listen up!

In order to be successful at whisper parenting, you have to be willing to calm down in the midst of your frustration, and keep a straight face as you whisper to your kids.

Not even kidding, I just did this with my daughter, and I could barely get the words out without cracking a grin.

We both ended up laughing and it broke the tension.

Funny parenting advice for the win!

Whatever it takes to stay motivated in this crazy journey called parenting!

4. The Tattle Jar

If your list of funny parenting advice does not include a tattle jar, then you’re missing out on some funny family moments!

Oh how I love the tattle jar.

I cannot tell you how much laughter was birthed through using this in my classroom.

Want the scoop on how it works? Keep reading!

My tattle jar was nothing fancy. It was literally an empty container that I labeled Tattle Jar and I kept it on the counter in my classroom.

Tattle Jar Rules

  • One person at a time.
  • No waiting in lines to write a tattle.
  • Not allowed to read other people’s tattles.
  • Cannot tell me that you wrote a tattle.
  • Mrs. Johnson reads the tattles on Fridays after school.

Simple rules that brought about so much laughter! To me, not to my students.

It was hilarious entertainment for me. I saved some of my favorite tattle slips from years past. The drawings and the words crack me up still!

So how do I use this in parenting? Is this just a classroom thing?

Great question! And no, the tattle jar is not just for the classroom. Please use it in your homes. =)

All you need is an empty jar, a dish with blank slips of paper, and a pencil.

Explain to your kids what the jar is for. Don’t get wrapped up in thinking that you’re encouraging tattling by using a tattle jar.

You’re actually avoiding having to LISTEN to all the tattling because now it will be written down for you and your spouse to read together.

And you will laugh a lot!

Make your own family rules for the tattle jar, like this:

  • Write or draw a picture of what happened.
  • Put the slip of paper in the jar.
  • If you tell me that you wrote one or say it anyways, the slip gets taken out.
  • Mommy and Daddy empty out the jar on Fridays after everyone’s in bed.
  • If you go all week and don’t put in a tattle, you get $1.

Those are just examples of rules. You can do whatever you want with it.

Another great thing I found in my classroom is that using the tattle jar encouraged kids to write more.

They learned how to spell names, form sentences, and draw some pretty convincing pictures of other kids spitting, kicking, not sharing, etc.

Kids are very motivated when it comes to getting their teacher or parent to understand what happened!

If you start using a tattle jar in your home, I’m convinced you will save yourself from hearing a lot of whining and tattling, and you will gain tons of laughter on a Friday night when you read them with your spouse.

It’s a win-win!

Recess Time! Snag Some Games For A Fun Family Game Night!

You’ve made it over halfway through this list of funny parenting advice, which means you have a great sense of humor and you’re into keeping things lighthearted around your house. Nice job!

A great way to engage with your kids and tap into their silliness is to play some awesome family games!

Here are a few spectacular ones that are sure to encourage lots of laughter.

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yourself and others, this is the game for your

family. The looks on people’s faces when you

wear the retainer are priceless!

Greedy Granny

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Greedy Granny is a great game that

little ones can enjoy! You have to try and

take Granny’s different food items before she

wakes up. My daughter loves this one!

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5. The Magic Eraser

The magic eraser is also on the list of funny parenting advice.

I laugh just thinking about it!

I’m not talking about cleaning products here.

This tactic is about making your kids believe that many of their problems aren’t worth crying or whining about, and by simply erasing the problem, you don’t have to talk about it anymore.

It’s that easy.

Funny Parenting Advice Example Scenario:

Addie: “Mommy! Ethan won’t share the blocks with me.”

Me: “You and Ethan need to both come here so we can talk about what happened.”

(Addie and Ethan come.)

Me: “Ethan, is it true that you ‘re not sharing?”

Ethan: “Well she wanted my blocks that I was using for my tower. I need them to make my tower huge!”

Me: “Gotcha. Here’s what we’re gonna do. Are you both watching?”

(This is where you have to REALLY sell them on what you’re saying.)

Me: “Have you ever heard of the magic eraser?”

Addie and Ethan: “No.”

Me: “Listen up. The magic eraser is super special. It helps kids get along and forget about their fights and problems.”

Addie: “Really? How does it work?”

Me: “You have to take out your huge pencil, and hold it up high.” (Pretend to take a giant pencil out of your back pocket and hold it up in the air. Wait for the kids to do it with you.)

Me: “Use your magic eraser and wipe out everything that just happened. Make it go away like this.” (Use a zig-zag motion and make swishing sounds to show them that you’re erasing the problem.)

Me: “See? You erased your problems! They’re not here anymore. Now put the erasers away, shake hands, and go back to playing!”

(Addie and Ethan pretend to put their erasers away, shake hands, and proceed to play with the blocks again, amazed that their sharing problem was magically erased.)

Is it that easy? Sometimes yes!

I used this tactic all the time in my classroom and it was a wonderful teaching tool! There were many times where I nearly cracked up explaining it to my students.

But you know what? It totally worked!

Basically in any kind of tattling situation, kids just want to be heard and acknowledged.

By introducing your kids to the power of the magic eraser, you’re not only providing entertainment to yourself, but you’re giving your kids tools to solve problems on their own.

You’re also teaching them that some things aren’t worth shedding tears over and that holding grudges just makes the fun go away.

These are great life skills! I highly recommend this funny parenting tip!

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6. Speak With An Accent

I’ve always had a closet fantasy of being a voice actor for an animated movie. I mean, seriously dreamy!

And why not practice all of my random voices while parenting? What a great idea!

If you want a great way to ease the tension and not be so stressed, my suggestion is to talk in random voices.

It will be a nice change of pace, a real attention-getter, and it will most likely bring some smiles to everyone’s faces, unless you’re dealing with teenagers. Instead of smiles, you may get a bunch of eye-rolls.

Sometimes at night when I’m reading to Addie, I attempt to use a British accent.

She’s not a fan and will repeatedly ask me, “Mommy, can you please read in your regular voice?” Hilarious!

In moments of frustration with your kids, or before any tension has started, why not change things up by speaking in an accent?

Channel your inner cowgirl, nanny from England, or favorite little squeaky mouse, and just go for it.

When I’ve used my bug voice or best British girl in my classroom, the reactions have been priceless.

There are always a few who are unimpressed. That’s fine.

But there are many who are very amused and it creates a room full of smiles!

You could even try this if you’re arguing with your spouse. Seriously.

The argument will most likely stop so fast because the other person is so shocked at the accent.

But I bet you’ll both end up laughing!

7. Act Like Your Kids

If you’re not spending time imitating obnoxious tantrums or whining, then your list of funny parenting advice has fallen short.

This last one is well worth your time!

Has your child ever had a ridiculous meltdown and it took everything in you not to throw yourself on the ground and imitate them?

Pro tip: Next time that happens, please join in on the tantrum and make sure your child sees that they’re acting like a fool! It’s a very powerful teaching tool!

I’ve done this as a teacher and as a parent. The reactions are priceless!

Sometimes kids get really angry. They’re aware of the foolishness because they know that someone is imitating them and it’s embarrassing.

Basically they realize they’re being called out for their behavior and it’s hurting their pride. Waa. Waa.

When a child just stops and stares at you, it’s because someone imitating their tantrum has left them in an utter state of shock!

They might be thinking any number of these things:

“What is my Mommy doing?”

“She’s screaming because she didn’t get the blue spoon that she wanted. That’s silly.”

Why is she lying on the floor kicking and screaming?”

“Why does this behavior look so familiar?”

“Who do I know that has done this before?”

Your child is getting a front row seat to witnessing a full blown tantrum.

But this time, the tantrum is being thrown by an adult, which makes it that much more awesome!

You don’t have to limit your imitating to just tantrums.

Show your child what they sound like when they whine, speak with disrespect, grumble and complain, etc. The possibilities are endless.

You never know, using this tactic might lead to some very helpful conversations with your kids.

It’s also a great way to lighten the mood, leading to much more laughter instead of tension.

Now I’m definitely not encouraging you to throw down in a grocery store, abandoning your cart in favor of potentially going viral on YouTube with your adult tantrum. Not good practice.

Use your discernment when doing this strategy. You have to know your kids, their personalities, and their limits.

To one child, this might be a very powerful teaching tool. To another one, it could be shaming or humiliating.

Use your judgment and make sure your motives are pure.

But please enjoy their reactions!

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Let’s Wrap Things Up!

Laughter is good for the soul. It lifts the spirits of everyone in the room. It really is the best medicine sometimes.

In a year filled with so many canceled plans and stressful moments, it’s important to try and have more moments of laughter and joy in our homes.

We need those funny, lighthearted moments in our parenting too.

For all my note takers out there, here’s the list one more time!

Funny Parenting Advice: 7 Tips You MUST Use!

  1. Bad Singing
  2. Bathroom Emergency
  3. Whisper Parenting
  4. The Tattle Jar
  5. The Magic Eraser
  6. Speak With An Accent
  7. Act Like Your Kids

Remember, don’t take yourself so seriously in these tense parenting moments (within reason, of course).

Try and find lots of reasons to laugh with your family, creating precious memories that will last a lifetime!

I’ll leave you with this famous quote by Stella McCartney:

Laugh my friend, for laughter ignites a fire within the pit of your belly and awakens your being.

~Stella McCartney

Lots of love to each of you!


Cover Photo by Hannah Tasker on Unsplash


  1. Marian Fink

    Definitely want to try out the tattle jar and magic eraser!! I use bad singing alll the time to get my kids to get in the car and out the door. Especially being a verbal person, it’s a way for mothers to get it out but an alternative to yelling.

    • Lisa

      Yes!!!! Bad singing for the win. I hope you try out the magic eraser, it’s hilarious with little ones!

  2. Suzanne

    Speak with an accent… omg that made me laugh so hard before I read the whole thing. All of these are so funny. There are times in my preschool class where I am trying to keep a serious face to teach an important lesson to something that just happen but inside I just want to start laughing because sometimes childhood is about redirecting situations that are just what childhood should be all about. Thanks for reminding us it is ok to laugh and to teach life lessons through humor.

    • Lisa

      So glad you laughed through the article! If we don’t have a sense of humor with little ones, the days will be extra long and draining!

  3. Scout

    These are hilarious! I definitely have to try them with the kiddos in our family 🙂

    • Lisa

      Hope you get LOTS of chances to try them out!

  4. Alexa

    Okay I looove “act like your kids” 😂 that surely is a good way to make them realize they’re acting ridiculous!

    • Lisa

      Absolutely Alexa! I will admit that when I try this with my daughter, it doesn’t always go over very well. She HATES it! LOL!

  5. Jolayne

    Magic eraser is a brilliant idea. Think it will work on teen and adult kids?

    • Lisa

      I’d love to see this used on teens!

  6. Charissa West

    These are some creative and funny parenting hacks. I definitely feel you on the bathroom “emergency” –and the bladder situation, too haha.

    • Lisa

      Bathroom emergencies win every time! Nobody usually fights you on escaping. It’s the best!

  7. Ayanna

    These are all great hacks!! I totally need the tattle jar because with 3 daughters there is always someone wanting to tell on someone for something.

    • Lisa

      The tattle jar is amazing Ayanna. I hope you use it!

  8. Genesis

    I love the idea of mimicking your child’s behaviour. It really does lighten the mood and they often realize that they had been acting silly, too! And as an introvert, I definitely appreciate your bathroom retreat idea. I have used this on multiple occasions when I needed breaks during a party :p

    • Lisa

      Bathroom retreat for the win!

  9. Linda

    I’ve tried a couple of these and you are so right…they work! We are past tattle jar time, I think, but wish I’d known that one way back when. Absolutely hilarious!

    • Lisa

      Thanks Linda! I’m so glad you have a sense of humor when it comes to parenting, it’s so important!

  10. Audrey Truitt

    Wow! What an enjoyable and entertaining post! Loved #3!

    • Lisa

      I’m glad you can appreciate the humor. I hope you try out whisper parenting…I seriously can’t do it without cracking a smile myself. It really helps to break up the tension sometimes.

  11. Mary Monique

    You have such a unique blog name (love it haha)! I agree, these are hilarious parenting hacks haha. Can’t wait to do some of these to my nieces and nephews haha. I like how you’re spreading positivity in your posts while still connected to your niche! Thanks for sharing xx

    • Lisa

      Thanks for your kind comment Mary! I hope these work well with your nieces and nephews.

  12. Cayley

    I’m not a parent, but maybe I’ll try these with my younger sister when she visits and we argue/I need a break (Even though we’re both in our 20s 🤣)

    • Lisa

      Yes! Bathroom emergency for the win. It can allow you to escape from any unwanted conversation or awkward moment. I do it frequently when we have company in town.

  13. Freya

    Ohh soooo funny!! Thank you for giving me a real chuckle this afternoon!

    • Lisa

      I’m glad you have a sense of humor and can appreciate these ideas! If you can’t go through parenting without laughing, you’re in real trouble. You have to laugh through the chaos!

  14. Gareth

    Great post! Use a few and will now use a few more. Thanks for sharing.

    • Lisa

      Thanks Gareth. I’m so glad you found these ideas helpful and can apply them to your own parenting!

  15. Kim

    Haha I use #2 probably a little too often…let’s blame the pregnancy not the toddler 🙄 great list had me laughing!!

    • Lisa

      So glad it gave you a few great laughs!

  16. Kelly Krebs

    First off, these are amazing! I can’t wait to try them on my boys. Second, I love the “imitating them” idea. I can’t wait until my son, who is the king of meltdowns, throws a tantrum so I can act like him and show him how ridiculous he looks. Thanks for posting these tips!

    • Lisa

      Absolutely Kelly! Glad you loved the parenting hacks! Good luck imitating your son, lol!

  17. Abby

    I will start doing some of these hacks to ease the tension between me and my daughters.

    • Lisa

      I love that you’re ready to try some of these right now!

  18. hari

    such a fantastic and informative post.
    being hilarious is seriously the best way to move forward in parenting with out a hole lot of frustration.
    thanks for sharing this great resource.

    • Lisa

      Glad you loved the article! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

  19. Lynne Scott

    I love this, especially the bathroom one 🤣🤣

    It’s so relatable too. I usually hide in the cupboard for 5 mins, kid on I’m looking for something. 🤣

    Hide and seek is also good when u want 5 mins peace lol

    I’m going to try the magic eraser too. Thanks for this 😀

    • Lisa

      I’m glad you can vibe with having a sense of humor in parenting! It’s seriously a game-changer.

  20. Veronica

    I LOVE this!!! As a new mom I will definitely be implementing these!!

    • Lisa

      Thanks Veronica! Best wishes on your new adventures as a Mommy. You got this!

  21. jaz

    kids are kids and they make our life light and pretty.

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      Totally agree!

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    I’ve used a couple of these before – glad to have a few more to add to my parenting toolbox. Lol. I especially like the tattle jar idea. I’m going to try that one next!

    • Lisa

      Let me know how the tattle jar goes with your kids! =)

    • Alyssa Hixenbaugh

      I recently found out that I’m pregnant for my first, so I’m sure I’ll be enjoying these even more in the future. 🙂

    • Lisa

      Oh my goodness Alyssa! Congratulations! I’m so excited for you and your husband. =)

  23. Yonca

    What an enjoyable post! Thanks for sharing. We almost forgot to laugh because of the pandemic.

    • Lisa

      So glad you enjoyed it Yonca!

  24. Rachel - Herbs, Birds & the Bees

    I love this! Yes! We all absolutely need more laughs! My favorite is #3, having to whisper would be hilarious and my kids wouldn’t know what to do with it. Great post!

    • Lisa

      Thanks so much Rachel! Seriously, the last time I tried to whisper directions to Addie, I could barely keep a straight face and she was like, “What? I can’t hear you!” It was so hilarious!

  25. Lisa

    Love the laughter

  26. chris

    What an enjoyable read about parenting hacks that ease the daily tension and create laughter in the house, especially with Covid. I’ll have to write all these down and try them out with my daughter, especially the one where you mentioned about acting like your kid, that’s gold. 🙂

    • Lisa

      So glad you enjoyed the article Chris! Can’t wait to hear how it goes when you use some of these with your daughter. Hopefully it ends up creating more laughs than screams! =)

  27. Alison

    Very good! Thanks for sharing. I do some of those and they totally work.

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      Thanks Alison!

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      Thanks Brian! I hope you have a chance to use it with your kids.

  29. Sarah S

    This is such a great list!
    I used the whispering hack in my classroom all the time and my parents totally used the bad singing- and my mom put herself in timeout in her room when we were little instead of the bathroom.
    Some fun ideas in here. Definitely trying the magic eraser in my classroom 🙂

    • Lisa

      Thanks Sarah! I love that you’ve used some of these hacks in your classroom! Hopefully the magic eraser goes over really well with your students. Best of luck!

  30. Elise Ho

    I like your list a whole lot. Personally, I break out in random dances. It is really funny and my baby is 21 years old and I still do it.

    • Lisa

      Yesssss!!!!! Crazy random dances for the win. Thanks for sharing that idea!

  31. Robyn Jones

    Oh my goodness, my mother used to do the bad singing one, not in the exact same way, but whenever we did not hear her (tuned her out), she would sing whatever it was that she wanted us to do in a loud and annoying voice. ✋🏽🤣

    • Lisa

      That is seriously hilarious Robyn! I wish my mom would’ve done bad singing with me and my brothers. Haha!!

  32. Kate

    Hahah these are great!! I’m not a parent but as a teacher and after working with kids for years I can totally relate to several of them!!

    • Lisa

      Thanks Kate! I love that you’re a teacher and you can relate to these. It’s a new adventure every day when you’re working with kids!

  33. Alyssa

    I’m not a parent but I still found this entertaining! Haha I will keep this for future reference!

    • Lisa

      Thanks Alyssa! I hope you get to use some of these one day. Parenting is such a crazy and fun adventure!

  34. Abby

    Omg yes no. 3 is a win for me during temper tantrums, especially if I manage to start before things get too out of control. 😄

    • Lisa

      I’m so glad you’re into whisper parenting too! So funny!

  35. crystal

    This is awesome!!!

    • Lisa

      Thanks Crystal! I hope you find some of these useful with your own crew and that they make the days more fun and light-hearted.

    • Delightful Parenting

      Really funny parenting hacks, done #2 several times to catch up on me time in the bathroom… lol, but number one is awesome to grab their attention. Loved your post:)

    • Lisa

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting! I’m glad the bathroom emergency hack has come in handy for you. It works every time!

  36. Sarah

    These are awesome! You have a great sense of humour and are a fantastic mother!

    • Lisa

      Thanks so much Sarah for your kind words! Glad you enjoyed the article. =)

  37. Adriane

    Number one reminds me of when I did the running man the other day in front of my son’s school Zoom because he was acting like a jerk. That was after a healthy dose of yelling from me. I’m still working on it. 🙂

    • Lisa

      Hilarious! Way to keep things real classy on Zoom, lol! I love that you’re willing to go the goofy route to get your son’s attention. Awesome!

  38. Jessie Patterson

    Oh my gosh I love this. I smiled and giggled and said “YES” out loud several times throughout!! I need to challenge myself with my own version of the tattle jar…but make a “negativity jar.”….and hold myself accountable there! This post is filled with so much joy and freedom and peace-seeking. I love this so much!!!!!!

    • Lisa

      Thanks Jessie! I’m so glad you enjoyed the article and that you’re looking for ways to use some of these in your own life. Blessings!

  39. Carrie Pankratz

    I love these ideas. I actually have used several of them. The tattle jar, act like your kids, and bad singing are pretty much staples in our house. lol

    • Lisa

      I LOVE that you utilize some of these Carrie! There’s nothing better than breaking up a tense moment with some bad singing.

  40. Melisa

    Absolutely amazing. I cannot wait to take advantage of this list. Thank you as always.

    • Lisa

      Thanks Melisa! I can’t wait to hear how it goes with your kids. =)

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