Best Christian Parenting Resources All In One Place!

by | Oct 21, 2021

Ultimate List Of Resources To Equip Parents In All The Seasons

If you want to hear about the best Christian parenting resources to have on hand, then you have come to the right place!

Most parents are up for great suggestions on parenting resources. Who doesn’t want to learn and grow on this crazy journey? And let’s be honest, parenting is not easy. 

There are super fun days and beautiful times coupled with lots of stress, emotional moments, and being exhausted and overwhelmed. 

Sometimes we can feel trapped on the crazy cycle, spinning round and round, never making progress. What the heck am I even doing? Lord, I need help. I’m so overwhelmed, and I don’t want to fail my children! 

How about I share with you some amazing resources so that you can feel better equipped as a mom? 

I’ll start with the best Christian parenting books (in my opinion) and then share some awesome podcasts, websites, and articles

Grab a pen and paper to take notes (not your phone, because I want you to focus!)

Time to learn and grow together. 

***This article contains affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission from any items that you purchase. 

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best christian parenting resources

Best Christian Parenting Books

You can snag any of these today by clicking on the picture or the Buy Now! link. Take advantage of that quick and convenient Amazon delivery! 

Many of us are into audiobooks and listening to things on the go, so most of these books have an audio version as well. Snag whichever one works for you!

Raising Grateful Kids In An Entitled World by Kristen Welch

I had to start with this one because it’s my favorite one on the list. Kristen does a fantastic job sharing about how she and her husband came to the decision to teach their kids about gratitude and entitlement. She has wit and humor and isn’t afraid to share about her own struggles and failures in the process. 

One of my favorite things they do as a family of 5 is have a simple meal of beans and rice on Monday evenings as a reminder to each of them that most people in the world eat simply each day, if they even eat at all. Kristen and her husband want these lessons to stick in their children’s minds, but I can assure you that the lessons will stick in yours! Excellent choice! 

This book also includes a cell phone contract at the back that you can choose to adapt or use with your own kids. It’s extremely helpful. 

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I Can’t Believe You Just Said That! Biblical Wisdom for Taming the Tongue by Ginger Hubbard

I love this book! If you enjoy hearing parenting stories from a humorous perspective and appreciate vulnerability, this will be an enjoyable read for you. Ginger shares stories about raising her little ones, calling out the yucky moments and sinful patterns in her children, while also highlighting the motives for some of their choices. 

She includes a section in each chapter on how to address the specific behavior issues from a biblical lens. She covers topics such as whining, tattling, lying, poor attitudes, manipulating, disrespect, etc. 

If you find yourself struggling with your kids in conversations and oftentimes lose your patience, Ginger’s book will give you hope! It is possible to parent your kids through these phases and help shape their character in a positive way, one that honors God. 

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The New Dare To Discipline by Dr. James Dobson

Dr. Dobson has been around for a while, sharing wisdom and resources with thousands of families. His book about disciplining your children is very helpful. He incorporates examples, Scripture, and doesn’t sugar-coat anything.

In a time where the media and culture discourage consistent discipline, Dobson challenges believers to be counter-culture and to raise children the way that God intended. He has a no-nonsense approach coupled with a gentle, fatherly tone. This is an excellent resource from a well-loved godly man! 

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Permanent Markers: Spiritual Life Skills To Write On Your Kids’ Hearts by Janel Breitenstein

This is Breitenstein’s brand new book! I bought this the day it came out after hearing her on a podcast, and I can’t wait to dive in. As a mom of 4, she knows her stuff! Breitenstein’s goal with this book is for parents to help create “unerasable habits” that foster their kids’ relationship with Jesus. 

She includes amazing ideas and activities, journaling prompts, discussion questions for parents, questions to ask your kids, and even out-of-the-box discipleship ideas. It’s full of Scripture, personal examples, and beautiful mom humor. This will be an essential book for any parent’s shelf. Perfect for your Christmas wish-list or to get for a friend. 

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Triggers: Exchanging Parents’ Angry Reactions For Gentle Biblical Responses

by Amber Lia and Wendy Speake

Have you ever lashed out at your child and regretted it later? Have you experienced moments where you realize your over-the-top reaction has something to do with you, not your child? 

This book unpacks common problem areas that cause us (as parents) to explode unnecessarily at our children. It goes beyond simple parenting tips about how to accomplish behavior modification (which is temporary!) 

Instead, the authors give biblical wisdom and helpful tools to equip and encourage parents. Their goal is for us (parents) to move away from explosive, inappropriate responses and move towards gentle, kind, biblical responses. 

Do yourself a favor and snag this one today! 

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Shepherding A Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp

Pastor Tripp draws from his experience as a father in writing this parenting book. He is not giving you a bunch of possible parenting theories steeped in secular thinking. On the contrary, the wisdom he offers comes from his experience as a father and a pastor, and is founded on biblical principles. 

This book will make a perfect gift to any new mom in your life, or even for yourself! 

Snag this book today and be empowered and encouraged on your parenting journey. 

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The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies To Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind

by Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., and Tina Payne Bryson, Ph.D.

Did you know that there are different parts of the brain that have different functions, and that this is important to know in your children’s development and behavior? 

Siegel, a neuropsychiatrist, and Bryson, a parenting expert, offer a revolutionary and practical approach to raising children by giving 12 helpful strategies to parents. There’s an “upstairs brain” which makes decisions and balances emotions, and apparently this part is under construction until the mid-twenties. This would explain TANTRUMS and other nonsense that happens in our homes. 

If you want to understand how your kid’s brain works and feel better equipped to handle the chaos of their development, definitely pick up this book. You won’t regret it! 

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Grace-Based Parenting: Set Your Family Free by Tim Kimmel

Did you know that children have three driving inner needs of security, significance, and strength? I’d never heard that before! 

Kimmel encourages parents to steer clear of fear-based methods, which he says are guaranteed to fail. However, having the mentality of grace-based interactions with your kids will help meet their driving inner needs with the gifts of love, purpose, and hope. 

Sounds like we all could benefit from this one! 

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Loving The Little Years: Motherhood in the Trenches by Rachel Jankovic

Jankovic has an amazing sense of humor and perspective on life. I appreciate how she approaches life with her little ones through all the ups and downs they’ve experienced. 

She reminds you not to cry over spilt milk, or if you do, just cry later away from your kids, not in front of them so they won’t feel bad. When mothering multiple little ones, you can easily get overwhelmed with mountains of diapers, laundry, baths, and whining. 

In the midst of the chaos, you can choose joy and honor the Lord. 

This book will make you smile, reflect, laugh, and maybe cry. It’s a great read for anyone on the motherhood journey. 

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Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Parenting by Paul David Tripp

In this amazing parenting resource, Tripp reminds us that as parents, we need to be tapping into the life-changing power of the gospel in all of our interactions with our children. He gives his readers 14 different gospel principles that won’t just impact your parenting, but your family as a whole, and all to the glory of God. 

If you are looking for tips on how to view your role in your children’s lives through the lens of God’s grace, this is the book for you! Get your copy today! 

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Sacred Parenting: How Raising Children Shapes Our Souls by Gary L. Thomas

Thomas’ book is not about parenting or a how-to manual on improving your skills. This time around Thomas highlights all of the amazing benefits to a believer that come through the journey of parenting. 

God uses children in our lives to sanctify us, to call out the sin patterns that we can’t seem to kick, and to bring us to repentance. Parenting requires us to humble ourselves before the Lord, recognizing that we have no control over how our children will turn out. They are in the Lord’s hands. 

Parenting is a high calling from God, and one that is sacred and will shape our souls. 

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The Five Love Languages of Children: The Secret To Loving Children Effectively by Dr. Gary Chapman

I love this book! If you’ve ever wondered why one of your children doesn’t appreciate one-on-one time while the other three love it, then this is the book for you! 

Dr. Chapman helps parents realize that all children have different ways of giving and receiving love that are meaningful to them. When you discover those love languages and start parenting your children accordingly, the results can be amazing! 

Whether your children appreciate words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time, acts of service, or receiving gifts, this book will help you on your journey to parent them in an effective, life-giving way. This book rocks! 

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The Five Love Languages of Teenagers: The Secret To Loving Teens Effectively by Dr. Gary Chapman

If you have teenagers, then this book is perfect for you to go through! It’s the exact same concept as Dr. Chapman’s book for children, except it’s catered to teenagers. In our society today that’s filled with distractions, phones, video games, and media pulling our teens in 8,000 directions, having a resource like this is invaluable for parents! Snag the paperback or audiobook right now!

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Wow, that was quite a list! I hope you have a chance to either get a paper copy or an audio version of at least one of these today! 

Before you go, I want to mention a few other wonderful parenting resources. 

What are some great Christian podcasts for parents?

Podcasts are trending right now, and for good reason!

I love listening to podcasts, especially because I can do it anywhere. Many times I may listen to one if I’m exercising, driving, or even while folding laundry!

Here is a list of some well-rated podcasts that I think you will find helpful and encouraging!

Christian Podcasts For Parents

Focus on the Family Parenting Podcast (I love this one! They are short, around 10-12 minutes and cover all kinds of parenting issues.)

Courageous Parenting

Pardon the Mess

Life at the Pond

Let’s Parent on Purpose

Morning, Mama

Risen Motherhood

What are some helpful Christian parenting websites?

There are gobs and gobs of parenting websites on the internet, but not all of them are beneficial (in my opinion).

Here is a small sampling of helpful websites!

Helpful Christian Parenting Websites

Focus on the Family – A wealth of articles and resources for families wanting to faithfully follow Jesus!

Adventures in Odyssey – Great stories for kids that incorporate biblical christian values from a historical context

RightNow Media – Clean, Family-friendly and faith-based programs

Common Sense Media – Movie and television reviews for screening programs for your family…I use this all the time before we let Addie watch a new movie! They list every bad word or inappropriate thing in each review. Very helpful!

D6Family – A discipleship website for families and churches

Growing Families.Life – Parenting curriculums full of wisdom and biblical principles, focused on raising joyful, Christ-following kids. They offer free, online parenting classes and videos + books and other awesome resources!

Courageous Parenting – Isaac and Angie Tolpin’s website filled with incredible resources, a homeschooling blueprint, links to their podcast, and their epic parenting mentor program. They have 9 kids ranging in age from infant to 21 years-old…the experience is there and their wisdom pours through. It’s definitely work checking out!

Awesome Parenting Articles

5 Reasons To Faithfully Discipline Your Children In Love

5 Beautiful Things To Pray For Your Kids

Communicate Love To Your Kids Using The 5 Love Languages

Build Confidence In Your Kids With These 7 Awesome Tips!

6 Ways To Stay Motivated As A Parent

6 Powerful Ways To Help Kids Deal With Their Anxiety

The 5 Worst Parenting Mistakes To Avoid

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That’s A Wrap!

No matter how you landed here, I’m happy that you stopped by! 

I hope you were able to jot down some great book suggestions or better yet, purchase one today

Regardless of where you’re at on your parenting journey, I hope you’ve been encouraged that you don’t have to do this mom thing alone. There are tons of amazing resources out there. 

We weren’t meant for isolation, we were meant for community! 

Tap into these resources, or even better, START A BOOK CLUB with one of these books!

We need each other for encouragement, support, laughter, and prayer. 

Lots of love to each of you, 


“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.” ~Romans 15:13

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  1. Maribeth

    These are wonderful resources. I wish I had had them when my kids lived at home. I will recommend your blog to the young families at church when I teach.

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  3. Ruth

    What a great list! So helpful as I’m always on the lookout for good Christian books. Thanks 😊

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