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Welcome to thank goodness it’s recess. So glad you found your way here. 

Here’s a little info about me!  I’m a wife to Jesh, mom to Addie, teacher, writer, movie quoter, Jesus follower, coffee drinker, chips and guac eater, and Texas transplant in Illinois. Let’s not talk about how I used to dress for winter here. Laughable to say the least. I now know how to properly “winterize” as they say up in the Midwest. 

I blog about parenting, teaching, faith, and family.

I am a former kindergarten teacher turned homeschool Mom, and have been working with kids since I was a teenager. I love good conversations centered around discipline strategies, kids thriving on routines, fighting fair in your marriage, instilling a love of learning in kids, classroom management strategies, funny moments with kids, and the importance of faith.


meet my family…


The 3 of us after a long hike! We love the outdoors.

My crew consists of me, my husband Jesh, our 6 year-old Addie, and a yappy dog named Max. We enjoy MOD pizza, hiking and fishing, traveling, and lots of family time. And we love watching DIY stuff on YouTube!

Infertility has been a part of our journey to grow our family. In 2013 we started the adoption process after trying for over a year to conceive. Adopting has always been something that we desired to do, so why not start our family that way?

Then we got pregnant! So what next?

We decided that 2 babies at one time wasn’t our best route to begin our parenting journey. The agency we worked with, AdoptHelp, was super flexible and allowed us to put our file on hold until we were ready to open it back up and continue the process. Addie joined our family in July 2014.

Almost 6 years later here we are: me, Jesh, and Addie.

It’s funny how we make plans and think our lives will go one way, and it usually doesn’t happen like that.

Our parenting journey with Addie has been wonderful, hilarious, and filled with so much joy. Through circumstances outside of our control, we have not been able to complete our adoption yet or have another biological child. But we continue to trust in God’s perfect timing and plans for our family. We look forward to seeing how those plans will unfold!

I know the pain, both physically and emotionally, that comes with infertility. It’s challenging personally and it’s very challenging on a marriage. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need someone to talk to or just want some prayer or encouragement. You can always email me at lisa@thankgoodnessitsrecess.com.


why moms and teachers

As a mom, you are constantly teaching your kids things everyday. From the moment they come out of the womb they are learning from their mom. Think about how much a baby learns just in their first year of life!

As your children grow and develop, they are learning language, right from wrong, manners, family relationships, trust, love, respect, etc. Who is normally their primary teacher? Mom.

I know there are plenty of blogs out there that are just for moms or just for teachers. From my viewpoint, they are very much intertwined.

As a teacher, the time and energy you pour into your students day by day and week by week ends up fostering very strong bonds by the end of the year. For many kids, school is their safe place. And their teacher is like a mother figure in their lives. They know that when they come to school, no matter what is happening at home, they will be loved, cared for, and accepted by their teacher. It is such a motherly role.

I am no expert in child-rearing. Who is? I’ve failed many times but also have had some amazing triumphs and celebrations. I think like most of our greatest lessons in life, we learn from our mistakes and failures. This has been true for me as a teacher and a parent.

So whether you are a mom to little ones at home, a classroom teacher, a nanny, even a grandparent taking care of their grandkids, there is something in this blog for you.

My goal with thank goodness it’s recess is to share tips, strategies and relatable stories for teachers and moms in all walks of life. I hope this blog is a place where you can share a laugh, find community, and walk away encouraged in your own journey.

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Lisa

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