5 Simple Ways To Make Organizing Easier As A Mom

by | Feb 14, 2021

Handy Organizational Hacks For Moms Who Deal With Messes

Are you interested in learning some simple ways to make organizing easier as a mom? If so, you have come to the right place! 

Sometimes I feel like I’m drowning in piles of clutter. It drives me crazy! 

I definitely am not the organizing expert, but I do have some great ideas to help out my fellow moms. 

Life is crazy, and some days we’ve run out of energy by lunch time. 

Let’s face it, we could all use some advice in this area to help our homes be more organized and feel a little less chaotic. 

And the laundry can wait one more day, right? That task is never ending! 

Here’s my list! 

5 Simple Ways To Make Organizing Easier As A Mom

  1. Take 5
  2. Get Your Kids Involved
  3. Individual Bins
  4. Pile Patrol
  5. Daily Sweep

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make organizing easier for moms

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1. Take 5

One way to make organizing easier as a mom is to take 5.

I got this idea from my blogging friend Brooke. She’s a mom of 3 boys and blogs here. She goes into a lot more detail in her article about the 5 Minute Rule. Check it out! 

Basically, when you have 5 minutes to spare, rather than scrolling mindlessly on your phone or watching TV, take 5 minutes to go through a room and pick up a bit. If you can do a task in 5 minutes, do it.

It’s amazing what you can get done in 5 minutes! 

Wipe down the counters, unload the dishwasher, empty a trash can. Whatever you can do in 5 minutes, use that time wisely and you’ll have less work to do later! 

It takes self-control for sure. I’m definitely prone to pull my phone out for 5 minutes versus cleaning for 5 minutes, especially when I’m exhausted. 

Do yourself a favor and take 5 now to clean and be productive, then later in the day you can take 5 for yourself! Thanks Brooke!

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2. Get Your Kids Involved

Another way to make organizing easier as a mom is to get your kids involved! It’s amazing how much help they can lend when given the chance. 

There are definitely age-appropriate tasks, so obviously don’t ask your 3 year-old to vacuum the living room. Lol! 

For me, it’s easier to relax in a room if it’s picked up. If I walk into the living room and there are pillows, blankets, and toys everywhere I’d rather be somewhere else! 

A great way to have kids help is before the next activity or meal, everybody pitch in and tidy up that room. Put toys away, straighten pillows on the couch, grab any cups or shoes and take them where they need to go. 

Yes, your 1 year-old can just sit there looking cute. That’s okay! 

Your 4 year-old can absolutely help clean the room or go grab the trash from the bathroom and bring it to you. 

Everyone can pitch in! 

I tell my daughter all the time, “I don’t exist to serve you all day long and do everything for you like Cinderella.” 

I want Addie to learn now, at 6, that everyone helps out in families and pitching in is part of serving and loving one another. Important life lessons! 

Make your life easier as a mom by having your kids pitch in. 

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3. Individual Bins

Every family probably has their own way of individualizing things in their house. 

Whether you use bins, baskets, buckets, or drawers, just have some way of designating where each person’s stuff goes. 

I’ve seen moms who have hooks for their kids’ coats and backpacks, then underneath there are baskets that act as catch-alls for their shoes, snow stuff, etc. 

These types of baskets are great when you find loose things around the house and don’t feel like taking them to the designated child’s room. 

Katie’s crown and dress-up shoes are under the couch? Drop them in her basket. 

Jackson’s robots somehow landed inside the dryer…in his basket they go! 

Remember, it’s not your job to empty the basket and put everything away. You need to establish some kind of house rule with your kids about emptying their baskets.

Maybe this is a before bedtime routine, and it’s done every other day. Whatever works for you, just don’t make more work for yourself! 

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4. Pile Patrol

Another way to make organizing easier as a mom is to utilize the pile patrol technique.

I am so bad with managing piles, just ask my husband. 

I’m not quite sure how it happens, but the piles just emerge and keep growing. For whatever reason, I cannot escape them, so pile patrol is definitely something I’m trying to get better at. 

What do you mean by pile patrol?

Great question! 

Just like you’d patrol the neighborhood looking for creeps, patrol your house looking for piles. Don’t let them invade your space! 

When you see a pile, if you have the time, try and take care of it straight away. However, if the pile is going to require more time and attention, then make a note (or tell Alexa) to remind you to get rid of that pile. 

Common piles in my house? Junk mail, books, and Addie’s craft projects. Those are for sure the 3 biggest culprits.

And all of these things require me to take time to go through, asking the question: Do I keep this or toss it? 

What are your typical piles that never go away? Is it laundry? A pile of shoes? Random socks with no mates? 

No matter the culprits, I’m giving you both the permission, and the courage to go through these piles and check something off of your endless to-do list. 

One or two piles gone means one or two less things to stress you out. 

Pile patrol for the win! 

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5. Daily Sweep

Daily sweep? I’m lucky if I sweep my floors once a week!

I hear you sister, I do. And good news, I’m not actually talking about literally sweeping your floors. 

I know people who sweep their floors every day, and that’s awesome. That is not me. 

What I’m talking about is a daily sweep of the house, looking for obvious things that are out of place. 

This can be done with kids or without, depending on how much energy you have to redirect distracted children. 

Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s just easier to get it done yourself. 

Maybe the kids are in bed and before you sit down and zone out, you could try and do a daily sweep. Go through the living room, kitchen, and even the entryway. Straighten as you go. 

When you’re doing the daily sweep, it’s kind of like combining all of the other organizing tips into one.

You can take 5 minutes, get your kids involved, utilize the individual bins, and even zone in on pile patrol, all while doing the daily sweep! Genius! 

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That’s A Wrap!

It turns out that there are in fact simple ways to make organizing easier as a mom. 

I hope that after reading through this article you snagged a few tips and are ready to try them out! 

Remember, a little bit of organizing every day will totally pay off in the long run. 

And don’t be afraid to get your kids involved, and your husband too! 

Many hands make light work, right? 

Happy organizing friends. 

Lots of love to each of you! 


Cover Photo by Dmitry Zvolskiy on Pexels


  1. Alyssa Hixenbaugh

    These are great ideas! I love the take 5 suggestion. I can easily spare 5 minutes to clean something simple. 🙂

    • Lisa

      Take 5 is the best! And once your sweet baby arrives, take 5 might be all you get some days, Lol!

  2. Melisa Thickstun

    Excellent information and tips to keep the kids and my sanity. Thank you for always sharing great thoughts

    • Lisa

      Thanks Melisa! I hope these tips help you guys out.

  3. Mitchelle

    Pile patrol is a good idea, and could really come in handy! I could do take 5 and pile patrol at the same time!

    • Lisa

      I hope these tips are super helpful for you!

  4. Julie

    I love the individual bucket idea!

    • Lisa

      Yes! You should totally try it!

  5. Karen Chen

    I love the idea of take 5, I do a similar thing where I just set 10 minutes on the clock each night to clean my room! It is incredible what could be done in such a short amount of time if we put our mind to it x

    • Lisa

      Thanks Karen! A little bit of cleaning and tidying up goes a long way in the realm of less chaos around the house, especially clutter!

  6. Ashly

    I am always looking for organizing ideas. This was a great post!

    • Lisa

      Thanks Ashly! I’m so glad you found this post helpful.

  7. Sharila

    Wow! I am not a mom, but it seems to be a task to keep things organized with small children. You seem to have quite the system going! I plan to use the daily sweep method in my own home.

    • Lisa

      Daily sweep for the win!

  8. Carrie Pankratz

    Oh my goodness… I love the 5-minute rule. I really need to be more scheduled so that I don’t fill every minute with scrolling social media and recognize when I have free time. I also love the idea of getting the kids involved, even when they don’t do things up to my standard of cleanliness. They need to start somewhere. Great, helpful post!

    • Lisa

      The 5 minute rule is the best! Also, moms are definitely not responsible for cleaning up everything all the time.

  9. Martha

    Great tips for keeping your house organized! I love the idea of the Five Minute Rule, I’ll have to try that!

    • Lisa

      Thanks Martha! 5 minutes of work can go a long way in the realm of productivity.

  10. Penny

    My husband is definitely better at staying organized than I am. I definitely like the idea of getting the kids involved!

    • Lisa

      The more the merrier! I refuse to do everything on my own. I want to be a part of raising helpers, not sluggards. Thanks for commenting Penny!

  11. Adriana

    Take 5 seems really simple but it actually makes a huge impact over time! It’s one of the main ways I get any cleaning up done at all some days tbh! Lol!

    • Lisa

      Thanks Adriana. It’s seriously amazing what you can accomplish in 5 minutes. A little bit goes a long way, right?

  12. Sarah Styf

    I really need to try that “Take 5” method and just set a timer for all sorts of little things so I don’t keep getting distracted by other “stuff.”

    • Lisa

      Take 5 is a great one to start with! You got this Sarah. =)

    • Ann

      These are great ways to stay organized. I’ll need to try them on my busy days. Thank you for sharing!

    • Lisa

      Thanks so much! Sometimes the easiest ideas yield the most productive results.

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