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Hey friend! Lisa here. Welcome to our fun community of moms and teachers. Here’s a few things about me: 

I taught kindergarten for 8 years and have a passion for teaching kids and jump-starting their love of learning. I enjoy sharing advice about parenting and teaching as well as all the funny things that happen with kids. You need to laugh through the chaos! Life can get crazy, but having a strong faith and a great community of like-minded people can definitely help you navigate through anything. You’re in good company here! 

welcome friend!

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Top 10 Best Books For Moms You Should Be Reading

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5 Beautiful Things To Pray Consistently For Your Kids

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some humor for your day


hilarious stories from parenting and teaching

here’s your homework assignment…

I’m going to create a book of funny stories for people to enjoy and laugh until they cry. We all need more laughter in our lives!

The book will be super lame if it’s filled with blank pages.

That’s where you come in!

I know you have some hilarious stories about parenting and teaching. Don’t be shy. Send me your stories and help make this book a reality. Be sure to include where you’re from and the age(s) of your kid(s) in your message. Can’t wait to read your stories and laugh along with you!

~ Lisa

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